Internet of Things


   Smart City  

Industrial 4.0


Level  Management


CNDINGTEK offer solution for LPG level management. User can monitor the LPG level remotely.So that they can realize out-of-stock alarm in advance, the tank replacement in advance, and consumption statistics and analysis.

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Waste Management

It provides the overall solution from hardware to SAAS platform. It has connected with more than 100 major operators and integrator platforms.

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Manhole Management

‎Remote monitoring status of manhole cover movement, liquid level, etc., reasonable and effective to monitor the underground pipe network; Timely deal with emergencies to protect personal safety.

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Parking Management


Managers can monitor all parking spaces on the platform, balance parking income, reduce parking space operating costs, and realize unified management.

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Public Health Management


With our innovative technology, users can easily monitor the level of soap dispenser, toilet paper, count the number of people and more remotely, providing real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions and keep citizens safe.

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Smart Building

Our smart building solution is based on IoT technology, allowing users to monitor their buildings remotely. With our solution, users can access the data they need rapidly, including air quality, fire alarms, temperature and more.

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Wireless LoRaWAN® Module


DR601 LoRaWAN® wireless module, target applications are wireless sensor networks and other IoT devices, especially where battery power requires low power and long distances.

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About Us  

Founded in 2009, Dingtek is a professional supplier in the global Internet of Things industry, focus on smart city, smart sanitation, industry 4.0 and other fields. 

It specializes in providing end-to-end and whole industry chain services, with the goal of providing cost-effective, forward-looking, and innovative integrated solutions to help customers improve efficiency, save costs and accelerate the application of emerging technologies.

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