Smart Building

Our smart building solution is based on IoT technology, allowing users to monitor their buildings remotely. With our solution, users can access the data they need rapidly, including air quality, fire alarms, temperature and more.  

Smart People Counting Sensor DC510

Remote monitoring the number of people entering and leaving a place. PIR technology, no images or videos collected, wireless transmission, battery operated.



Smart Door Sensor DH100

Remote monitoring the switch status of doors and windows. Wireless transmission, battery operated, easy installation by double-sided tape.



Smart Smoke Sensor DM600

DM600 is a smart smoke sensor which is designed to monitor smoke and fire status remotely. With local and remote alerts, wireless transmission, battery operated.



Air Quality Sensor DT320

Remote monitoring indoor air quality, including the level of methanal, ammonia, ethanol, cigarette. Wireless transmission, battery/DC power operated.